Revenue Cycle Management

Improve Profitability, Maximize Reimbursement

MPS takes a holistic approach to manage an organization's Revenue Cycle process, with expertise in providing revenue cycle management (RCM) services on a variety of platforms including, e-Clinical Works, Practice Velocity, Docutap, and Epic to name a few.

Our Revenue Optimization Program (ROP) is the reason you choose MPS. ROP provides the insight organizations need to drive incremental revenue increases, improve overall profitability, and maximize reimbursement. While some organizations are mostly concerned with the cost of outsourcing their Revenue Cycle as a main deciding factor, at MPS we believe that the organization should change their optics to the real goal, which is to increase medical group revenue.

Medical groups can experience 5% to 10% growth in their revenue by utilizing our RCM services, which has a direct impact on physician income.  MPS has developed multiple automation processes that allow for the continuous work of the accounts receivable.

In addition to a reliable workforce, our ROP process works continuously in the background, automating critical functions in account follow-up around the clock.

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